Sunday, February 24, 2008

I ate a brownie and now i've gone a tad crazy

Yes it's true!!! I have a bunch of random giberish running around in my head right now and it's rather annoying.

See that cute little magical girl at the side of the page? Yeah i did that ^____^
For the oddest reason I had the sudden urge to draw a really cute magical girl and now it's leading into a little series of them. I dunno bout the rest of my fellow 1st year animation students but i enjoy trying new styles of drawing. This one for example isn't actually in my usual style, my normal stuff is a mix of anime and disney type stuff.

Now for something completely random...does anyone remember the movie "A goofy movie?" Well i was reminded of it the other day and the 1st thing that came into my head was those pop songs in it. I found them and downloaded them and now everytime i listen to them i wanna get up and dance, which is bad cause I listen to them on the train. Also, I have a stupid laughing thing stuck in my head from bleach....dumb fake spirit guy.

If you have actually read my little rabblings then GREAT! But sorry to say, you've just wasted a part of your life by reading this.....thanks anyway!


Alexandra Raineri said...

it might have been a waist of time but its nice to know what you a up to. how was the brownie? and maby next time you might consider a half a brownie.

Princess Dabby said...

The brownie was good, I made them :p

And why would i want just half a brownie when i could have had a full one?

Ian said...

Hey the climax to the Goofy movie was animated in Australia, and the entire sequel was animated in Australia. I worked on it. Go on check the credits, I got a whole line to myself on that one :)

Hmmmm, what a big head I am.