Thursday, June 18, 2009

What kind of student are you?

I've signed up to the Karen J. Lloyd mailing list and today i got an email from her about other artists who have sent her links to their websites and one of them caught my eye.

The owner of the blog, Chuck Dillon, had made a series of pictures depicting the different type of art students he usually gets and i must say, a lot of it is spot on :D I felt like i had to share it with everyone, it's so good.

I even tried to figure out what kind of art student i am. I think im a mixture of a brown noser, talkative and average student with a bit of a whiny student in there cause im aware of the fact that i whine when i reeeaaallly dont feel like doing something :p

So what type of student are you?

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Frank said...


That is brilliant. Thanks Dana.

I saw Andrej in first year in the first picture, "dirty student".

Crikey, Ryan and Zac land right in the Goth/EMO student description ;)

I think I've got a drop of "anime student", a bit hippy with hemp, a smidge alien (as I'm scared of zombies, and sometimes see them in class), definitely "returning student" just without the rose tattoo.

Well, I feel a bit more relaxed after wasting a bit of time. Back to work !! All of you!