Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's practice time!

After Ian's lecture on lines of action on tuesday, I got excited about learning a new way to draw characters and improving my drawing skills. Since that lecture I've been practising what Ian taught us and constantly trying to push myself to make it look better.

Now when I sat down to start drawing I went through the things that Ian taught us in my brain. 1stly, start off with a character. I chose my own called Dabby. 2nd, think of a story....Dabby getting angry at her parents. 3rdly, put down the pose you want wit the action line and the power center. And then comes the fun part of re-doing your pose till it looks great
Attempt 1
attempt 1

Attempt 2
attempt 2

Attempt 3
attempt 3

Attempt 4
attempt 4

Attempt 5
attempt 5

Finally I got the pose I wanted so I drew my character in, while thinking about the symbolism I can use to portray her anger and the type of person she is. This is what I got.

Then I remembered that colour could also be used as symbolism so i added some colour to it ^___^

And there you have it! My step by step process of how I got to my character ^___^

What are your thoughts Ian and of course...everyone else?


Ian said...

Hey Dana

Nice - What I like is that you have embraced the process. I can see the energy building with each new version of the pose :)

Dana said...

Thanks Ian. I'll keep practising different poses so that I have a better emotional range of drawing instead of just...happy...sad...annoyed and etc.

Did any of that make sense?

Mitch said...

yeah looking good dana.
It's good that you're uploading all the pics as well :) so people can see where you're coming from, and they can learn from what you've done.

thats if they bother to check out your blog.

you got a nice style to your work too. And you said that you change it around alot as well which is a really good trait to have.

Like I said earlier... it's kinda Kim Possible-esque looking. Which is good because the style there is really flexable and you can do so much more with characters who are slightly more bendy.

Dana said...

I's sooo much fun when you can make them bend. It can be fun if you change out of the style sometimes but in the end, long, lanky and bendy is my fav way to draw people.