Thursday, February 12, 2009

goals for this year

My goal for this year is to be the best animator i can be or better. I really want to push myself to my full potential and see what i can do. With that being said there is a piece of animation that i want to make but due to the time frame i have to make it in, i might not be able to do it.

I guess all it's going to come down to is time :3 As long as by the end of the year i can honestly say that i've tried my hardest then i'll be happy


Frank said...

Hi Dana

We can discuss your idea further in class. You had some interesting elements in the outline you gave me. The goal here is to create an animation that fulfils your ideas but also shows off your skills to their full potential.

In doing that I will advise you and your colleagues (the other second years) to focus on quality of animation rather than quantity: in terms of a long narrative film idea.

We can get creative with your ideas as they get clearer.

It is important to remember that a good idea will stand the test of time.

As you recognise that time management is so important this year. Focus on your best idea that does not exceed, let's say, a minute, 90 seconds tops.

Thanks for posting your goals. They are tough ones because usually an animator's harshest critic is themself.

Ian said...

Hey Dana

Hope you are well and happy :)

This sounds a little open ended to me. Its going to be hard to measure your progress against, or for your teachers to work with. One of the amazing things about this course is the level of interaction and honest feedback you get from the teachers, but you aren't giving them much to go on (or taking advantage of that strength of the course) if you can just say, "but its the best I could be."

I'd encourage you to be a little more specific, something like...

* I want work at this standard (sighting examples)

* I want to produce X animation a week

* I want to dedicate Y time a week

etc etc.

If its something undefined its too easy to let other factors get in the way and say well its the best I could do. Those who succeed will be those who make and follow through with the commitment in spite of what else life will throw at them.

Now I'm going to go out on a limb here, knowing you as I do I'm willing to bet that before you have even read this far you have prattled of an excuse of some kind :P. Something starting with, "Yeah but I..." and going on to explain about how your goal will work fine because of certain factors I haven't accounted for so far. :)

Well I'm sorry (and I say this with all the best of intentions), but you are flat out wrong. Over 2008 when I would offer some advice, that "yeah but..." sentence that would come out of your mouth the very next second is the first step in somehow absolving yourself of responsibility.

The whole point of the goals is to clarify and drive home in your mind what responsibilities you are taking on. You are uber talented and it would be such a waist to head off in the vague direction of "your best". Best what?

So come on young lady its time to step up and prove that you have the guts to make a real commitment. How good is your work going to be this year (as good as what?)? How hard are you going to work? How much are you going to produce?

NO BUTS! This is the wisdom gained from years of experience, solid measurable goals will help you achieve more than you know you can. Its not up for debate.

Set those goals high! Push yourself beyond where you imagine you can go (trust me you are capable of just that). This will take you way beyond, I gave it my best shot. ;)

Dana said...

Yeah your right, I do say "yeah but" a little too much. I'll make it another goal to NOT say that.

Ok then here is what I really want as my goal. I want to be as good as an animation mentor student. I want to be the best in the class (not to sound up myself) and more. I want to make an animation that's beatiful and flowings and fun to watch.

Dammit I want a chicken sandwhich!!! Oh wait.

But you get the idea

ps. I'm doing very well Ian, how's Krome going?

Frank said...

That is a clearer goal Dana. Good stuff.

Now you have to view the AnimationMentor student showcase

Choose one sequence that you would like to animate. We are going to start with mimicing, to see what you've got packed in the animation skills suitcase of yours.

Show me in thumbnails how you would plan it out: identifying key moments, story telling poses at key moments, progressions/ path of action through the scene, timing, spacing, Line of Action, power centre(and their shifts), psychological gestures, meaningful symbolism (if used), moment of change (adrenalin moment), speed/rate of change (spacing again), staging, camera/ shot framing.

I'd suggest you choose a shorter one to start :)

Then we can have a good discussion about planning and move forward to ward some animation.

See me with it in class tomorrow, please. No telly tonight.

Frank said...

Read this post on the ARC, please

Dana said...

D: yes frank.
Good thing i checked my emails while i was downstairs actually, I was watching so you think you can dance and if i didn't check it then I wouldn't have known to do this.

Dana said...

Ian's right (as usual), if i don't make the time then my goal is going to be a flop.

Ian said...

So lets hear it then hu? :P

Lets see it in black and white (or black and pink as the case may be).

How much time are you going to make for animation? How much are you going to produce?

I'm doing between 10 and 12 hours a day in my new job (which seems to be going fine by the way, thanks for asking :). I work that hard because it is an indication of how much I want the job, how much do you want to be an animator? I bet some of those AM students work pretty hard.

Your heading in the right direction, but there is still room for improvement ;)

Footnote - 12 hours a day would be hard as a student who has other class commitments, but maybe you could look back and see how many hours a day you managed last year and step it up big time from there or something.

Dana said...

Well for starters I'll come in on my days off or at least spend those days working on it. Also this term I have a long lesson with Terry and Frank on tuesday arvo's so I'll spend 3/4 of those lessons devoted to just animating. I was talking to Zac last monday at the pub and he said taht he used spend an hour animating then have a break so I'm gonna do that too.

P.S That's hard to answer cause i don't remember how long i spent on it, probably not enough.